Invincible Power —  Provide 12V 13Ah of DC power and vehicle Doug rescue group with electricity MORE
Electric Bicycle Battery

Electric Vehicle Battery

EP Department announcement
Exchange system common battery test specification standard
W-666F Car Booster Regulator
Stabilize the ignition voltage system
WS-1203 Intelligent Li Charger
Lead-acid batteries use
High-performance lithium-iron battery

Wei Chi provides high-performance lithium-ion battery, replace the original lead-acid batteries, to mention your car enough power, can save oil and improve horsepower.

Electric Bicycle Battery

Provide a more convenient choice for your electric car, the appearance of the uniform size of the battery, all kinds of vehicles can be equipped to purchase, use shared battery locomotives, but also enjoy 6,000 yuan in subsidies!

the most clean energy choice

Hand in with National Cheng Kung University and jointly develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV), the cleanest energy available for your next vehicle choice.

Customized development

Professional development of customized products you need!
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Green Energy Industrail

Welcome to a new era of green energy industry
Wei Chi together in their lifestyles and recreational life. Enjoy the convenience of civilized life
WHI CHI hopes to become synonymous with GREEN ENERGY industry power energy.
2012 / 05

WEI CHI was established

Electric-Vehicle Experience

King Hing Development Corporation 20 years of experience in electric-vehicle basis.
With the development of green energy technology vehicle vehicle system, Manufacture of excellent lithium batteries and chargers, thereby manufacturing electric vehicles, electric vehicles. To clean energy to promote human life.
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