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Tesla to Taiwan strong touch Yulon? Yankai Tai: Come on

Yankai Tai pointed out that TESLA came to Taiwan as "one more competitor", but unless the battery has an explosive development in the future, the price can be greatly reduced, the charge can be completed in 5 minutes, otherwise the market is not ready. He believes that the new energy vehicle market should be mixed with oil and electricity-based, pure electric vehicles also need to meet the infrastructure, Yulon will actively R & D.

Aerospace plant bound senior students

A new generation of cross-border transportation equipment, designed by the University of Green Leaf and Green Energy Design, will be held in Kaohsiung in March next year. The products will be integrated with the market and will be integrated with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. , Called extraordinary alternative design, witnessed the Department of teachers and students of excellence, and the unity of industry and academia cooperation, for those who want to break through the change of the enterprise, will be enlightening and shocking.