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Brand Story

Wei Chi Energy High-Tech Co.,Ltd was founded in May 2012 by Mr. Zhong-Xin Wu who also founded Jing Xin Fa Co., 20 years ago.
On realizing that electric vehicle perform better with Lithium battery,Mr Wu has turned into developing power battery pacl and research.

To promote sufficient power,saving oils as well as enhancing power  supply, our company replaces lead-acid battery with high-performance lithium-iron battery. We are lookiing forward to our development of green energy vehicle carrier system which can improve our life.

20 years

Electric vehicle vehicle experience


Development of power battery modules

Historical evolution

Wei Chi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. subject matter of the electric car leader Mr. Wu Zongxing to set up to King Hing Fat 20 years of experience in electric vehicle, a deep understanding of the development of electric vehicles need a strong lithium battery-based, which was joined to research and development Lithium batteries, to develop dynamic battery module as the core.

Main business content for the manufacture of battery module assembly and energy converter manufacturing, and actively participate in production and government tripartite R & D cooperation.

Wei Chi was established in May 2012, stationed in Nanke Incubation Center, and in 2014 set up factories in the Southern Science Park four standard factory buildings to the future development and application of energy for the operating direction, is a top ten emerging alternative energy technology industry, Lithium-iron batteries and electric vehicles share the battery as the main product.

Love the Earth

Important chronicle


Taiwan sales number one : Wu Zongxing & Wu Jinghui founded King Hing Fat F21 electric car listing the first


The First Year of New Energy Electric Vehicles: the Cooperation Strategy between Industry, Academia and Academia

May Wei Chi energy high-tech Co., Ltd. established


March Patented "Battery Charging System for Electric Carrier" Patent No. M448086

October Wei Chi to participate in the new energy strategy alliance agreement signed

December Stationed in Nanke Incubation Center paid-in capital of 52.6 million


South Branch officially set up factories, capital increase of 67.6 million

February Patented "Power Conveyor", Patent No. M471706

June Patented "Battery Cell Charging Manager for Storage Battery" Patent No. M480811

July Cooperate with National Cheng Kung University Producing Project "Fuel cell / lithium battery hybrid power system development", Approved amount of 3.4 million.

August Patent "M484193", which is a patented charging unit for charging battery cells.


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery by CNS15364, UN38.3, BSMI product validation

October Patented "desk lamp", patent number M509878

November Patented "Battery Cell Body Arrangement", Patent No. M512222


February Patented "Battery for Motor Vehicles", Patent No. M516798

April Through the ISO certification
Weichu is ISO certified "Manufacturing, Assembling and Sales of Lithium Battery Modules for Electric Locomotives and Electric Bicycles" and "Smart Chargers / Customized Solar Energy Storage Systems", introducing new lithium iron locomotives, car start-up batteries

June Tainan University in cooperation with the integrated program "fuel cell range module used in the development of electric motorcycles" approved amount of 4 million

Sustain Ecology

Business philosophy

In the 21st century, the energy crisis, global warming and the greenhouse effect become more and more serious.

In the environmental and energy issues, Wei Chi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 101 to the future development and application of energy for the operating direction of dozens of emerging alternative energy technology industries to lithium batteries and electric vehicles shared battery As the main products, manufacturing long life, light weight, high security, low self-discharge rate of high-performance lithium batteries, widely used in motor vehicles and other electric vehicles and uninterruptible power system energy storage products.

In recent years, all WEI CHI colleagues continue to improve self-awareness and self-new ideas, and with the company's policy system and innovative business philosophy to provide high-quality, high satisfaction with the excellent service. We hope that the green energy industry to turn the world, manufacturing excellent lithium batteries and chargers and energy storage systems, thereby enhancing the strengthening of electric vehicles, electric vehicles, with clean energy to promote human life. But also hope that Wei-chi green energy industry to become synonymous with energy.

Our Goal

Energy saving
Car start the battery
locomotive start the battery

Green Energy Living
Electric bicycles common battery, electric bicycle battery, smart charger

Environmental protection the earth
Solar street lights batteries, energy storage systems, Fuel cell hybrid power system

Care Earth

Professional certification

A charging system for an electric vehicle battery
Power Conveyor
A battery cell body charge manager for a battery
A charging unit for charging the battery
Trademark Registration Certificate
Product liability insurance
ISO certificate
Wei Chi RFE18650NP2200 BSMI certificate
Safety Test Report for RFE18650NP2200 P1 for CNS 15364
Safety Test Report for RFE18650NP2200 P1 for UN38.3

Corporate Responsibility

The company's gender equality policy and the female-friendly workplace, friendly family workplace environmental measures In order to encourage business owners to attach importance to gender equality and a friendly working environment, the Company endeavors to promote women-friendly workplace progress, in addition to gender awareness and gender sensitivity, to encourage women to participate fully in the decision-making process and to take care of different gender or disadvantaged situations.....

To create a female-friendly workplace and friendly family workplace of the relevant measures: (1) Vacation-related measures:better then to Labor Standards Law, above Women 's Physiological False (2) Family-related measures:Paternity leave, family care leave and so on. (3) Employee benefits and friendly measures:Employee emergency financial measures, employee child scholarships and so on. (4) Family-friendly measures outside of work:Year-end party with their dependents subsidies.